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Products we like September 29, 2008

Filed under: Products we like — Andie @ 4:02 pm

I thought it would be fun to share some products that we really like.

My first one is Pantene Pro-V Style Texturize! Sculpting Wax

It gives a very similar effect to Bed Head Manipulator. But, it costs about 1/3 the price or less. Thanks to Lukas and Gretchen for telling Andrew and I about it!





The second is the not-so-cheap, but really nice Graco Tour Duo Stroller.

We decided to spring for this when Byron was born since he and Ruth are only 19 months apart. We also figured that we would be having more kids and get a lot of use out of it. I really like it. It’s quite large and heavy, like most double strollers. But, it fits in the trunk of our ’98 Accord and has room to stuff groceries around it. I like that you can access the bottom basket even when the back seat is reclined. For those of you with (or about to have) twins, you can fit two Graco car seats because there is a bar that can attach to hold the front one.  It has two removable adult cup holders and snack and cup holders for the kids, too. The wheels are more substantial that other strollers I’ve used and that makes it a lot smoother on bumpy surfaces. Lastly, the storage is unbelievable. I often stuff pounds and pounds of groceries in the basket instead of getting a grocery buggy. (Had to share some southern roots there- that’s a grocery cart for the rest of you!)


2 Responses to “Products we like”

  1. Becca Says:

    I just bought this same sculpting wax and was floored by how inexpensive it was. A phrase I’ve come to use a lot lately is… “back when I was working and had money” I bought salon products but this is great!

  2. Debby Says:

    Yay for the stroller! We use ours tons :)

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