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Hospitality September 24, 2008

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I wanted to share a little on one of my favorite subjects – hospitality!!  I absolutely love having people in my home.  For the time the Lord has provided a home in which we can host overnight guests comfortably.  We did in our duplex but it was a little cozy and I could not do everything I would have wanted to for fear of the children getting to it first :)  I love thinking through what guests would need upon their arrival at our home.  I will share a few things I always try to stock in my guest room.

  • Some kind of flower arrangement
  • bottled water (for at night or when we are planning all day trips as they probably did not bring a water bottle with them unless they are in college)
  • toiletries – i leave a basket out with random samples I have collected from different hotels, razors, shaving gel, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and of course clean towels
  • a treat of some sort – usually a really good piece of chocolate in case they need something sweet at the end of the day
  • alarm clock
  • magazines in case of insomnia
  • a fan in case they need white noise or are hot
  • extra blankets
  • a place to store their stuff – I have lived in very cramped quarters but have always managed to clear out some closet or space for their luggage and such
  • maps and brochures from local attractions if they are staying with you but not going to be with you all the time :) or as we like to do bookmarks on your computer of things that they might be interested in so they can easily access idea on the computer and print off directions
  • easy breakfasts and snacks that they can grab are always a good idea too – like Leah mentioned earlier I try to have different kinds of muffins or breads in the freezer that I can pull out for easy snacking or breakfast.  Ideas for easy breakfast included an assortment of individual cereal boxes, yogurt parfaits, muffins, fruit, juice, instant oatmeal, or mini quiche.  Easy is a key when you are feeding like 8 to 10 people :)

These are all just ideas to help get us thinking on what our guests might need.  I am learning in my role as a WHAM that most times I will not accomplish all that I would like to before guest arrive.  I am learning to make a list of things that must get done and then letting other things go if it compromises my family or if I have had kidney stones or the girls get sick or if  someone needs help.   The most important thing is that guests not walk into a war zone where the mom has neglected people to get her tasks done.  I have done this and been completely frantic by the time guests arrived.  I am learning that a peaceful home is more important and welcoming than a house that is spic and span and every detail attended to.  There is a balance that I will probably never achieve but which I will continue to strive for :)


2 Responses to “Hospitality”

  1. ktbooper Says:

    Awesome tips! Thanks Gretch! I can work on getting a few more of the things on that list handy in my guest room! We just finally got a rack with hangers up for clothes (since there isn’t a closet) and a bedside table w/alarm clock in there since our exchange student was there for a whole month :) Ooh, something fun I did was put an ‘arrangement’ of flower pens on the table. They don’t need to be watered or replaced and it keeps pens handy too! (The down side is they don’t quite smell like fresh flowers!!!)

  2. Gretchen Says:

    What a great idea!! (about the pens) I love it and would love to hear anymore tips :)

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