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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

So, how was YOUR day? September 23, 2008

Filed under: Keeping inspired,Mothering — Andie @ 8:33 am

This was yesterday. In addition to the volatile state we were all in, my internet was not working well. So, please excuse the late post!

During nap time yesterday, I realized how incredibly impatient and generally grouchy I’d been with my children all morning. I listened to a good message on parenting  by David and Sally Michael that I checked out from our church library. I wish I could share all the insights I’ve gained from the MOMS (our church’s moms’ group) recordings I check out. But, for now, I will just share what gave perspective to an irritable and tired mom yesterday. (By the way, I make a habit of asking forgiveness from my kids when I have sinned against them. This helps them realize I need God and it restores our relationship.)

– This time with children is SHORT. The speakers I listened to were grandparents and I trust their judgment. They encouraged moms to buy up the opportunities with our little ones now before they are gone. 

-Be encouraging and set an uplifting tone as much as possible because mom’s attitude make a difference. 

– We have to say “no” so much by necessity, focus on saying yes (like Leah mentioned). When our answer is always “no” or overly practical, it can squelch the natural enjoyment our children have of simple things. 

– We play a large part in developing children’s appetites, they will usually learn to like what we “feed” them. If we feed them classical music, they will likely gain an appreciation for it. If we feed them TV, that’s what they learn to love. This is not meant to be legalistic. The point is only to think about what appetites we’re encouraging.  

– God has made you (with your weaknesses, quirks and unique strengths) to parent your children. Avoid comparing yourself, your family, your husband to others. Honor the One who called you to your specific role as mother. 


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