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Making life a little simpler September 14, 2008

Filed under: Homemaking,Household tips,Keeping inspired — Andie @ 10:04 pm

        When the grocery store in your country has 100 choices of toothbrushes and toothpaste, it is clear that life is no longer simple. What internet friend networks do you participate in and which don’t you? What invitations do you accept and which do you decline? What flavor and percentage of fat and sweetener do you want in your yogurt? I think you get my point. We have an unbelievable and sometimes overwhelming amount of choices for just about everything in America. I long for simplicity. So, this week, we’re going to share our hints for making life a little simpler. 

       Something that I am constantly doing (my family blog readers will have to forgive me for repeating myself) is going through stuff that we don’t need. The question I ask myself is, “Do I need and love this item?” No? Then I get rid of it. No more arguments about how it might be useful sometime or to someone. If you need it a year from now, the likelihood that you’ll remember it and be able to find it is very slim (in my house!!) I bag up at least one, but often two plastic grocery bags full of stuff every week to take to Savers.  Admittedly, part of this phenomenon has to do with kids growing out of clothes, etc. For you ladies without kids, I don’t expect you’ll be bagging up quite as much. Right now, I’m trying to severely pare down the amount of clothes each family member owns. Sure, they’re cute, but do we really need 14 pairs of pants for Byron? If anyone has a good strategy for simplifying clothing, please let me know. 

        Another tip I’ve heard is not to plan more than one outside activity a day. (AND, limit the amount of planned activities per week.) So, if you go to MOMS in the morning, you wouldn’t have company for dinner that night.  If you’ve already got 5 activities (small group, date night, play date, dinner guests, meeting) planned during a week…  you would declare your week FULL and say no to any invitations you receive. THIS IS HARD!  For those of us spontaneous types, it takes a little discipline. I am definitely not implementing this perfectly, but am striving toward these type of healthy limitations.

Not sure if you are doing a bunch of stuff that is unnecessary in your life? I will again recommend the GirlTalk planning retreat.


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