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Toys that foster creativity September 9, 2008

Filed under: Activities,Mothering — Andie @ 12:25 pm

  Awhile ago I found a list of toys that encourage creativity in kids. I think it was before last Christmas when I was trying to wade through the ocean of options we have for toys in America. Though I am unable to find the simple list I found last year, I do remember some of the things listed.

Blocks- LEGOs or just wood blocks

Dress up clothes- especially bags and hats

art supplies

musical instruments




Basically, the list had toys that encouraged the child to  “do-it-yourself”  by not feeding the child certain ideas of how to play with it.   I’m pretty sure none of the toys had batteries.  With this said, I am still planning on getting Ruth a Leapfrog fridge phonics set for her birthday because it’s an educational toy. And I think we’re keeping the spiderman cellphone for Byron simply because… he likes it!

I also found this article for grandparents. It is just as appropriate for moms and dads.


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