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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Watch, Listen, and Learn….from a Mama you respect. September 5, 2008

Filed under: If you're single,Mothering — Leah @ 5:00 am

Before I became a Mrs., I was a Miss.  I was a sassy Miss.  I was a Miss with many ideas of how her life as a Mrs. might look.  Then I spent 2 years (or more??) watching Gretchen learn to be a mom.  I spent A LOT of time in her apartment with she and Brigitta.  I watched her when she was happy as well as when she was frustrated.  I watched when baby was smiling and cooing…and when baby was angry.  I was there on days when the house was clean, several others when it was in the process of being cleaned, and there on a few when it (forgive me Gretchen!) was due to be cleaned.  :-)  I knew then that I was not only enjoying time with a good friend, but I was watching a young mom learn to be a mom-  day in and day out.  Hubby home and hubby gone.  Baby happy and baby sad.

When I became a mom, 4 years later, I found myself very thankful for the time that the Lord had given me in Gretchen’s home.  The realities of life as a young mother were not foreign to me, nor where they unfamiliar or unwelcome challenges.  I had seen another young mom make it gracefully through the hard days and rejoice in the ‘easy’ ones…and believe it or not…I am still gleaning tidbits from those mornings I spent there.

Thanks Gretch!  I doubt you will ever fully realize impact those days made in my life….

Bonus: Get out there and do some junior high or high school ministry.  These are generally very time intensive ministries and involvement is much easier when you are still a single woman.  Learn to read teenagers BEFORE you have one.  :-)


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