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Using your singleness to prepare for marriage August 25, 2008

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We’re going to have a couple weeks of posts specifically for our single readers. Our question this week is:

What  are some beneficial things that a single woman can invest her time in to prepare her for marriage?

My number one suggestion to prepare for marriage is to choose (or stick with) a roommate who is different from you. In college, I lived with a lovely lady named Leah, who will be introducing herself on Friday. We couldn’t be more different. We actually had a list of the 12 things we had in common on our door. There were that few! What I’d give to find that list and laugh at it again! Leah was similar to someone though… and that someone is my husband, Andrew!

Leah and I shared a room. She survived the experience by ignoring that my side of the room looked like a tornado had hit. Leah was very patient and living with her and seeing life from her perspective was helpful for me.  Living with Leah and another roommate who was oh-so-different from me helped me learn to pick up my socks from the living room floor. I would just absentmindedly leave them there, oblivious to the fact that this might bother others. To change my ways and love my roomies, I actually had to pray, “Lord, help me see the socks.” This applied, of course, to many areas of the house. I needed to see the dishes, the laundry, the dirty toilet, and DO SOMETHING about these things.  

So, I know it’s tough, but stick it out with your roomies that have habits that drive you crazy. I promise it will do you good in the long run. Because, while you can go get a new roommate, you can’t go get a new husband :)

As you can see, I’ve edited this post slightly… ha ha. I figured that Leah couldn’t really object because she looks WAAAY better than me in this photo. She’s in the tutu, and this is actually after we were married ladies, but we acted pretty much the same when we were single.


2 Responses to “Using your singleness to prepare for marriage”

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  2. Leah Moffat Says:

    Sam has stolen this tutu from Maggie and claimed it as his own….a bit scary I know. Good thing he’s got some sword/breastplate action coming for his birthday! :-) Funny pic, thanks for the laugh!

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