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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

The heart’s focus August 21, 2008

Filed under: Keeping inspired,Mothering — Kate @ 5:04 am

Keeping perspective is one of THE hardest things for me as a mom!  I can get so easily sucked into the days’ activities, frustrated by constant disobedience, or just overwhelmed by the never-ending tasks around the house!

I was reminded this last week that this is one of the reasons that I so enjoy MOPS!  It is a good place to regain perspective on my life as a mom.  I can be a woman with other women, learn something about what God wants for me as a mom, eat w/o sharing my plate of food with little hands and remember that ‘this too shall pass!’  I am in a crazy season right now as the mom of 2 toddlers (and I do occasionally ask, what was I thinking???) but it is only a season.  The moments (and even years) pass so quickly and I have to remember that in the moments of life.  MOPS is a big encouragement to me, as well as a lot of fun!

On a day to day basis the biggest thing for me to keep my perspective is a quiet cup of coffee with my Bible in the morning BEFORE the kids get up!  If I miss out on this time I am usually royally grumpy for the entire day!  (I’m not kidding!)  It is such a good thing for me to have those 10-30 minutes of quiet each morning w/o the kids.  I enjoy the warm coffee (and get the caffeine that I am all too dependant on!) and a chance to refocus my heart for the day.  Elizabeth George calls this time w/God ‘the great exchange’ – trading in all of your yuckies for all of God’s greats :)  I sure have a lot to trade in!

(Just a note: I had to chuckle as I read Jen’s blog from yesterday after I had already written a draft for my own entry this week.  :)  I totally agree that my focus needs to be on training my kids.  Right now MOPS is an encouragement for me to ‘keep on keeping on’ with this.)


2 Responses to “The heart’s focus”

  1. Jennifer Mc Says:

    Please don’t think I was saying you can’t do things like MOPS. I totally think we as moms need refreshing times with other women who identify where we are at in our life with our kids. Patrick can tell when I need to get out away from my kids to get that refreshment so I can be a better mom for them(and for my sanity!!!).

  2. Andrea Says:

    I’m Leah’s sister-in-law and recently started peeking in on this blog. I so appreciated your post today. The first paragraph describes exactly how I’ve been feeling, and your words were an encouragement to me.

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