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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Keeping Perspective??? August 21, 2008

Filed under: Keeping inspired,Mothering — Gretchen @ 7:35 pm

Well I am so sorry this post is not on time.  I have had visitors all week and been unusually busy with the approach of school as well.  Anyway…

The way I usually maintain perspective is to read.  I do not get much time to read with babies and kids and toddlers but I really try to get some time during the day.  The reading I love to do is great classic books.  Right now I am reading Hard Times by Dickens.  These are the tried and true literature that speaks to the ages and pulls me out of my little world.  It helps to realize that there is truly nothing new under the sun and the moments I have with my children and taking care of a home are truly fleeting.  I also really like keeping up with international news and issues.  I love learning about different cultures and conflicts.  It helps me to realize that there is a huge world around me and I need to raise my kids in light of that, not what the latest trend in clothes are or the “right” activity to be involved in.   I have found as a mom it is easy to lose perspective and for me learning of life outside my bubble really helps me to be truly thankful for all that we have and the unique time we live in to raise our kids and keep a house.

One other thing that has helped was a little retreat my husband sent me on recently.  We just moved and I had been totally exhausted (from packing up a household of 6 in 3 days by myself).  Lukas booked me a hotel room and dropped me off for a night of rest.  I literally slept most of the time away.  I think sleep really helps me keep perspective :)  I was a new woman after that night.  So I highly recommend sleep to keep perspective!


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