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Just Cheap??? August 14, 2008

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Or thrifty?  Budget-minded?  Frugal?  A good steward?  Resourceful?  I try to stay away from thinking of myself as just cheap!  The connotations from that word are sooo different from what I think of with these other words.  I want to be diligent to care for my family with the resources that God has given us.  Part of that is making each dollar reach it’s full potential when shopping!

I don’t know that I have any new tips on finding bargains.  These other ladies have already shared so many insites and tips that are right on!  (Thanks!)  I think the biggest things for me when I am looking to buy something are:

  • plan ahead – buying for the next season, size, event, etc (I’m still working on this!)
  • be educated – check things out on the internet before you go to the stores, especially if you have kids that you are bringing with you!
  • know what you need – Jen & Gretchen already said it, but it helps to know what your needs are before you go looking.  (keep in mind everything from groceries to tissue to shoes)

Some of my favorite local places to shop are:

  1. Spokane Discount – overstock from Costco, so pretty good quality, and always marked down – watch for extra sales off of the already good prices.  I try to go w/o the kids – narrow spaces and lots to look through.
  2. Yard sales – can’t beat the prices there!  I thought I would never take the kids with me, but after trying it a few times I found they actually do pretty well if I make a point to go to the ones that have kids things for sale!  It’s a good time to practice self control with them since they can play with the things there, but we don’t take it all home!!!  Plus it’s a good Saturday activity for the family that’s fun and affordable!
  3. Tuesday Morning – after going to this store with my Nana in IL, I was excited to see one come to Spokane!  They have a little of everything (few clothes, small furniture, decor, crafting, kids books and toys …)  I just a got a new spiral bound journal there (one with scripture on every page even!) for only $4.50.
  4. Ebay & Craigslist – these are great to look at and you can get good deals on them.  I do find them to be a little stressful if I am really needing an item quickly (ie forgot to plan … oops!)
  5. Walmart – yup, I shop there.  They have great prices on most everything.

One Response to “Just Cheap???”

  1. Tera Says:

    I love the blog so far. I just found it and have bookmarked it! If you love garage sales try the Camelot garage sale the last weekend of April in north Spokane. It’s the neighborhood I lived in though junior high and high school and it’s huge. The entire neighborhood has garage sales all weekend!

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