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Finding Deals August 12, 2008

Filed under: Homemaking,Household tips — Andie @ 1:00 am

Where do you find your best deals? This is not my expertise, but I’m learning. If you have some deals to share, please comment. 

My favorite places for deals:

– Target Bargain Basement. It is actually the basement of a Salvation Army Thrift Store in Minneapolis. It has samples of Target’s merchandise or overstock. I have come home with LOTS of home decor from this place. Things are 50% off or more. You have to know your prices (this is where I struggle) because sometimes you can find stuff at Target for 75% off or more. I hear that they put their clothes on additional 50% off on holidays.  900 N 4th StMinneapolisMN

– I have mentioned half-off thrift store days before. They are government holidays usually… and often the random ones: Columbus Day, Prez Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day. This is a great time to stock up on clothes, toys, and home decor. I have found quite a few sets of nice curtains at thrift stores. 

– Two favorite gift-buying times of year for me are January (usually mid to late) and June/July. Bath and Body Works has fantastic sales during these times of year. You can get yummy lotions and soaps for 75% off. 

-ALDI. If you do not shop at ALDI, you might be amazed at the strange and wonderful variety of good deals they have there.  I buy quite a lot of my staples there for baking and then there are just fun things like chocolate hazelnut spread (like Nutella). Produce can be iffy, but they will refund and replace it any item you are not happy with. I have used this policy and it turned out that the second bag of tangerines I chose were delicious. ALDI also carries funny things that are only in stock for a week like a plastic Cars chair for $5, and a really nice wood 3 photo frame with mat for $10.


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