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Cleaning, what’s that?? July 17, 2008

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Ok, so that might be how I feel about it, but I DO clean my house!  It seems like a somewhat overwhelming task with two toddlers (I know, I could have more!) that can easily come through like tasmanian devils and make all the work disappear in an instant.  I try to at least get through each area of the house (kitchen, bath, bedroom, living room, etc) once per week though, then at least I know it WAS clean somewhat recently ;)

I don’t really have a favorite cleaning product, if it works, I’ll use it; if it’s on sale, I’ll try it!  A few months ago I ran out of my PineSol, that I use for mopping the floor, and it REALLY needed to be mopped.  I remembered someone telling me that you could use vinegar and water to mop/clean with, so I tried it.  I was impressed with how well it worked!  Check out this site with lots of other tips and uses for vinegar too: Who knew it could do all of those things!?!  Happy cleaning!


One Response to “Cleaning, what’s that??”

  1. jenessa Says:

    love the vinegar tip! i use it all the time-it is very economical, it sanitizes and it is safe for kids and pets!

    Try putting some essential oil in it like clove or lavendar for some aromatherpy while you clean!

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