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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Jen’s Introduction July 9, 2008

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Well, my name is Jennifer and I think I am the old married lady of the group!  Please don’t let that mislead you into thinking that I am the wisest because I’m not.  I just may have experienced more since I am older and I have been married longer and I have a whole lot of kids!!  Okay back to the intro!  I am 35 years old, and I have been married to the most wonderful, Godly man ever.  His name is Patrick and we have been married for 13 years.  He is my rock and my source of sanity most days.  We both have a passion for adoption, and we both work at Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries/AWOP.  He is also a part-time pastor at Valley Bible Church.

Okay, now my kids!  We have 8 kids, 7 here on earth and 1 waiting for us in heaven.  Here they are in order of appearance but not in age order.

Emma, age 9, is our biological daughter.  She is a free-spirited, very energetic young lady.  She loves to use her imagination in all things.  She has never met a stranger, and she is a born leader which makes it hard to teach her submission!  She has a great heart though and desires to please the Lord.

Makayla, age 8 this Thurs., is our 2nd bio daughter.  She is the complete opposite of Emma.  She is quiet, yet loud.  She loves to sit and read all day.  She is my deep thinker, and she is very private.  She is the most like me.  She is a hard worker, and she will be a great wife and mother some day, Lord willing!

Abby left this world to be with Jesus when she was 10 months old, Feb. 11, 2003.  She was born with a rare, terminal illness, but she was the one that taught us so much about hope and faith in the Lord.  She was the one that spurred us into adoption and saving the unloveables of this world.  She was our precious little girl who brought so much joy into our lives.

Bri, age 4, came to us when she was 2 weeks old.  We were not able to adopt her until she was 2 years old because she was a foster baby.  However, we claimed her when she came into our homes as if she was always with us.  She is a very strong willed little girl but with such a tender heart.  She is very teachable one on one, but more difficult in front of people.  She has the most beautiful head of hair with tight, long black curls and beautiful brown skin.  Patrick says she is his little Brown Sugar.

Ana, age 3, came to us when she was 5 1/2 months old.  She is Bri’s bio sister, and we were able to adopt her when she was 2 also.  Ana came with a lot more issues because she was with birth mom for a while.  She has some special needs that we deal with every day.  She loves music and dancing.  She has beautiful hair also but with loose curls and beautiful brown skin.  Patrick calls her his little Graham Cracker.

Josiah, age 13(yes a teenager!), is our adopted son from Ethiopia.  He came home with us last August 2007.  He is an amazing young man.  He is a very hard worker with a great heart.  He is kind and gentle yet strong and courageous.  And I also want to add very handsome!  He is our son who excels in all the sports!

Noah, age 11, is our adopted son from Ethiopia.  He also came home with us last August.  Noah leads with his heart and right now his heart is hurting so he is grieving and struggling with a lot.  He does everything with gusto.  It is all or nothing with him.  He has taken us on a wild ride but God has been faithful and we see so many great things happening in Noah’s life and in his heart so we continue to pray for him.  He is our artistic son with a lot of talent.

Caleb age 9, is our 3rd adopted son from Ethiopia.  He is also Noah’s bio brother.  He is the opposite of Noah.  He is a very happy, cheerful kid who loves being in our family.  He has several nicknames such as Laffy Taffy, Easy Cheesy or just Funny Guy.  He loves to laugh and have fun.  However, he is also an excellent student who is doing amazing in school.  The teachers just love him.

My home is my priority!  However, I do have jobs that I do to help my family, and Patrick and I work as a team to make this work.  I am an Adoption Case Manager for AWOP which stands for African Widows and Orphans Project.  I work in the office on Tues. while Patrick works from home to be with our kids.  I do the rest of my work at home when my kids do not need me which usually is when they are sleeping!  I also do Once a Month Cooking during the school year as a ministry to moms in the area.  This pays for most of our meals for the month which helps quite a bit with a family of 9.

Of course you will hear more about all of the above every Wed. so come back and enjoy our crazy ride as a family who loves the Lord and desires to please Him by serving in with our whole heart!      



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  1. Leah Moffat Says:

    Hey Jennifer, thanks for that great kick off post…I’m looking forward to joining you gals soon! Here’s another nickname if Patrick needs it as your family continues to grow: Eric calls Maggie his little “puddin’ pop” – although she is far from the color of your traditional pudding pop. :-)

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