Beautiful Work

Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Introducing ArtsieAndie July 7, 2008

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I’m Andie and I am a contented wham, most of the time. After all, who is content ALL THE TIME? Being a stay-at-home wham is a joy to me and a benefit to my family. I have the opportunity to stay home thanks to my husband Andrew working hard. (Yes, our names are Andrew and Andie, and no, he does not ever go by Andy.)

My personality type is an ENFP, which basically means that I’m pretty outgoing, spontaneous, and I care deeply about people. I am an artsy type (how did you guess??) and am rather disorganized by nature. I am a visionary and am motivated in my daily tasks by ideals. For example, I do the dishes not because the mess bothers me, but because I know I am called to serve my family in my home.

My husband, Andrew, is an ISTJ… basically my total opposite. He is pretty reserved, task-oriented, efficient and organized. He does the dishes because they need to be done for him to feel relaxed. He has thrived in life since becoming a husband and father and generally enjoys life at home.

We have two children so far, Ruth and Byron. Ruth is 2 1/2 and very vibrant and expressive. She is pretty strong-willed. Byron is just turning 1. He is cuddly, very active and also seems to be strong-willed. They are so much fun and so much beautiful work.

If you are wondering what your personality type is, you can check out this site. I have found it SO HELPFUL for understanding my husband and myself better.


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