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Farmer’s Market deals May 8, 2008

Filed under: Meal Planning — Andie @ 2:38 pm

               We have this Farmer’s Market off of Lyndale in downtown Minneapolis. The website said they were open daily from 6-1, so I went last Wednesday and yesterday. Apparently, almost everyone only sets up stands on the weekends. However, there is ONE guy who sets up in the middle of the week. He has fabulous deals on produce. Yesterday I bought the following items for $11.50: Grapes, 9 HUGE Asian pears, 4 bulbs of garlic, 5 vine tomatoes, 1 eggplant, a bunch of bananas, 5 limes. I think that was all from yesterday. Last week, for $13, I got 9 different types of fruits and veggies. 

              You can save a lot on fresh produce at random vegetable and fruit stands. You have to use things faster than from the grocery store. However, with a little planning, not much goes to waste. Also, I like to support local suppliers (even if they do have to get their stuff from far away this time of year in Minnesota). 

            If you do not know about Farmer’s market etiquette, I will tell you a little. (The first time I went, I didn’t really know what to do). All you do is walk up to the table and browse around to pick the particular carton of produce you want and then hand it to the seller. Then, they bag it for you and either hand it to you or set it on the table if you are looking at other things. I just wandered back and forth, picking things occasionally, in between telling Ruth not to run off with Byron in the stroller. The seller added it all up for me and then I paid him at the end. 

           Oh, and take cash. Some of the flower stands took Visa, but I think that is not common. 



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