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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Thrift Store Deals May 28, 2008

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Yesterday I renewed my love for thrift stores once again. Several local thrift stores do a half-off sale on government holidays… Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, MLK and President’s Day. It’s a wonderful thing! Some things that you can get great deals on that you might not think of…
Pyrex bowls, shower curtain, tablecloths, decorative pillows, punch bowls, kids books….

My unexpected find yesterday was a replacement for my broken medium-sized Pyrex nesting bowl. I got it for $1.50. yahoo!


Keeping fruits and veggies fresh May 22, 2008

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I just read this helpful article to keeping your produce fresh. 


What to make for dinner

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Gretchen introduced me to AllRecipes and I use it all the time for just about everything. A few bonuses about this site:

– The recipes have been rated 1-5 stars. I usually scroll down to find the ones with high ratings. 

-There is an ingredient search. So, if you have cream of mushroom soup, frozen peas, and chicken, you can find recipes that use those ingredients. 

-Once you find a recipe you like, you can read the reviews of the recipe. The reviews usually mention good substitutions or hints for making that specific dish. You can find the reviews under the star rating when looking at the recipe.


Household Tip #1

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I learned from my mother-in-law that you can disinfect a dishrag in the microwave. Dampen the rag and microwave for 2 minutes on high. I do this with my rags when they get stinky, before placing them in the laundry.


Your home: a welcoming place May 9, 2008

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          In a world of Super Targets where you no longer need to know the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, it is easy to live an isolated life (I still love Super Target). I think that with many broken families and no enduring esteem for deep family relationship, there are many lonely people in America.                  

   Take Melaina, who is 9 and 3/4 :).  She had met me one time before she showed up at my door today during naptime. Melaina is in a single parent and pretty low-income home from what I have gathered.  Previously, she had come with our former neighbor, Princess, who was in a similar home situation. I had been kind to Princess, and so when she was in the neighborhood 6 months ago she showed up at my door with Melaina. This time, Melaina came alone. I invited her in, asked her name again, and took her to the kitchen for a snack. We chatted about random things. She shared that she told her mom she wanted to come to this particular community center so she could visit me. Wow. I was really shocked. 

         On the other hand, I was really excited! I love that this little girl felt that my home was a welcoming enough place that she requested to visit it again half a year later. She didn’t stay long, but said she’ll come back, and I think that’s probably true.

        All this to say… even when your floors are torn up and all you want is a break, let people come in and feed them whatever you have on hand. I am learning that seemingly insignificant things make a difference. And, don’t be discouraged if you sent the last Melaina who came to your door home. I actually was thinking, ” I will tell her the kids are napping and to come back another time.”  And, sometimes, you really do have to set good boundaries and send people home. However, for me today, it was an excuse. I’m glad I didn’t say it. 


Farmer’s Market deals May 8, 2008

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               We have this Farmer’s Market off of Lyndale in downtown Minneapolis. The website said they were open daily from 6-1, so I went last Wednesday and yesterday. Apparently, almost everyone only sets up stands on the weekends. However, there is ONE guy who sets up in the middle of the week. He has fabulous deals on produce. Yesterday I bought the following items for $11.50: Grapes, 9 HUGE Asian pears, 4 bulbs of garlic, 5 vine tomatoes, 1 eggplant, a bunch of bananas, 5 limes. I think that was all from yesterday. Last week, for $13, I got 9 different types of fruits and veggies. 

              You can save a lot on fresh produce at random vegetable and fruit stands. You have to use things faster than from the grocery store. However, with a little planning, not much goes to waste. Also, I like to support local suppliers (even if they do have to get their stuff from far away this time of year in Minnesota). 

            If you do not know about Farmer’s market etiquette, I will tell you a little. (The first time I went, I didn’t really know what to do). All you do is walk up to the table and browse around to pick the particular carton of produce you want and then hand it to the seller. Then, they bag it for you and either hand it to you or set it on the table if you are looking at other things. I just wandered back and forth, picking things occasionally, in between telling Ruth not to run off with Byron in the stroller. The seller added it all up for me and then I paid him at the end. 

           Oh, and take cash. Some of the flower stands took Visa, but I think that is not common. 



Why Chef Girly Moon? May 7, 2008

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Okay, for Gretchen’s sake, I wanted to let everyone know that I made her choose the name Chef Girly Moon. 

I thought she should do “chef” and then something else since she is the expert chef of the blog.  She mentioned that one of her daughters was talking about being GirlyMoon or something. So, I told her we should combine the two. There you have it.